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Why waste your time and money to learn something you'll rarely say? Design your own curriculum and learn what you are interested in and useful in real life!

學 //
to learn, to study
[ a child receiving signs passed down by two hands ]

Step 1: We discuss with you what you want and need to know and learn.
Step 2: We help you to set a realizable goal.
Step 3: We will recommend to you a complete learning plan which brings the greatest benefit to your career and business. At the same time, you may choose any other topics at your discretion, or suggest your own topic beyond the list.
Step 4: The course will be conducted according to the learning plan and on-goin assessment will be carried out during the conduction of the course.
Step 5: The result of the assessment will be fed back to adjust and modify the goal, objective and content of the course from time to time.