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Innovative course arrangement

When you join our scheduled group course, we don't charge you on the traditional course-by-course basis. You can choose to attend any of the lessons under any subjects / topics and you only pay for those lessons you have actually signed up for.

You don't have to pay anymore for the lessons you didn't attend!

瞍 //
a term refers to Chinese in general
[ name of a river, and a dynasty ]

隤 //
[ debate: language (閮) + five (鈭) + month () ]

Language Course Format
Mandarin / Putonghua Private individual or group lessons one to one or small group, time and venue flexible
Cantonese Corporate training In-house training for your company
Shanghainese Scheduled group lessons scheduled lessons of different topics conducted in our centers

Accounting balance sheet analysis, P&L account, bankruptcy, incorporation of company, auditing, taxation, PRC taxation, analysis of annual report, forensic accounting, due diligence, etc. NEW
Admin/Secretarial telephone manner, arrange a conference meeting, planning a business trip, arrange a seminar, preparing a presentation, office administration, facilities management etc.
Advertising/Design meeting clients, understanding clients' need, service presentation, concept presentation, computer graphics and animation, interactive strategy, design and technology, demo testing, clients' feedback, etc.
Banking and Finance loans and securities, investment portfolio, market forecast, financial situation analysis, report to client, stock market, currencies, funds, bonds, risk factors, derivatives, etc. NEW
Building/Civil Engineering contractor liaison, tender review, site supervision, project expenses, project design, etc.
Catering reservation, reception, recommending/introducing dishes, food of different style, drinks, client complaint, "can you pass me a fork", "what is a shao zi - how do we call certain utensils in mandarin" , in the kitchen, etc.
Customer Service front-line staff, handle enquiry and compliant, follow-up with client, co-ordinate service orders, etc.
Education teaching in Mandarin for instructors of yoga, ballet, painting, swimming, piano, etc. organizing training course, preparation course for Putonghua ShuiPing CeShi, preparation course for Language Benchmark Examination 隤箸閰, etc.

Health and beauty product and service promotion, cosmetic, make-up, hair styling, nutrition program, client handling, etc. NEW
Hospitality concierge, estate management, hotel management, reserving a room, in the caf?, clients' complaint, room service, "I want a blanket", hotel facilities, promotion to tourist, conference venue, etc.
Human resources recruitment, advertisement, employment contract, organization structure, benefit, medical and labour insurance, interview, training, work assessment, remuneration, MPF, etc.
IT liaison with client, product presentation, define requirements, negotiation, users support, post-sales service, etc.
Insurance meeting client, type of insurance, life insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, labour insurance, MPF, medical insurance, policy issuance, policy changes, excepted perils, payment of premium, making a claim for client, professional duty, client care, etc.
Legal loans and securities, listing, compliance, corporate governance, conveyancing, general commercial, due diligence, merger and acquisition, PRC investment projects, instructing PRC lawyers, re-financing, restructuring, winding up and bankruptcy, etc. NEW
Logistics/Shipping inventory management, warehousing, transport control, order processing, contractor and vendor supervision, fright, shipment co-ordination, import and export documentation, negotiation with insurance and shipping company, etc.
Manufacturing/Trading NEW production planning, quality control, entering China, customs, tax and duty, price inquiry, negotiation, attending trade fairs, samples and catalogues, placing order, middleman, payment, credit terms, packing, delivery, shipment, signing a contract, etc.
Marketing and Sales instructing agent, organizing fairs and seminars, target client, marketing research, talking about company's product and service, cold calling, setting a meeting, making presentation, quotation, samples and catalogues, discount, commission, media liaison, etc. NEW
Media/PR advertising campaign, promotion strategies, press release, interview, editor and journalist, organizing exhibition, media and investor event, etc.
Medical/Pharmaceutical meeting patient, in a conference, making presentation, explain to patient and family, talking about health condition, talking about illness, patient consultation, medication and prescription, sampling, client liaison, client consultation, etc.
Retail client care, introducing products, giving opinion and comments, answering client's inquiry, ordering products, payment, changing product and refund, client complaint, etc.
Tourism selling tour package, air-tickets, client care, visa application, traveling documents, travel insurance, promotion, emergency, reporting theft, hotel arrangement, ticket reservation, meeting local guide, etc.
General commercial context greeting, meeting, job title and way to address others, negotiation, investment, insurance, bidding, signing a contract, business trip, in a seminar, explore business opportunity, etc.
General social context greeting, addressing others, telephone manner, making appointment, hotel, food and drink, restaurant, travel, movies, transport, in a party, etc.
Pinyin basic principle, its role, its use, the tones, the initials, the finals, the rule of spelling, the change of tones, the light tone, the "er" words, etc.

For other topics not included in the above list, tell us what you want to learn and we will make it happen.

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Reading and Writing Simplified Chinese Characters (蝪⊿摮)
Commercial Writing
Legal Writing

Reading and Writing Simplified Chinese Characters (蝪⊿摮)

Designed for: Individuals who can read and write the traditional Chinese Characters (蝜擃摮)
Objective: To read books and articles written in simplified Chinese characters
To master reading and writing all the 2,274 simplified Chinese characters in the Simplified Chinese Character Table (蝪⊿摮蝮質”) issued by Chinese authorities
Content: The rules and regulations for simplification, recognizing and writing the simplified Chinese Characters, the tricks for memorizing the characters.
Duration: (I) 1 whole-day seminar; or
(II) 2 half-day seminars; or
(III) 4 evening lessons
Format: Scheduled group lessons conducted in our centers. *Now at HK$800/person only
Private individual or group lessons
Corporate training

Course schedule

Reading and writing Traditional Chinese Character course also available.

Commercial Writing

Designed for: Individuals who can read and write Chinese
Content: Writing in the business context, the format, the wordings, the way of expression, writing business correspondence, proposal, presentation, speech, announcement, memorandum, notice, report, tender, application, cv, feasibility report, recommendation letter, etc.

Course schedule

Legal Writing
Designed for: Individuals who can read and write Chinese
Content: writing in the legal context, the format, the wordings, the way of expression, drafting correspondence, agreement, contract, legal opinion, witness statement, will, etc.

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