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Putonghua For Legal Profession

Author : Shum Yi
Published in : September 2005
Publisher : Wan Li Book Co., Ltd.
ISBN : 962-14-3125-5

Putonghua For Legal Profession is a teaching and self-study material for legal practitioners and people who work in accounting, banking and trading business who need to work closely with Mainland Chinese business partners and those who speak Putonghua. The book is written based on real-life scenarios faced by legal practitioners in their work. It focuses on the use of legal jargons and terminologies in Chinese, as well as business etiquette which shall be applied when communicating with business partners. The content covers 4 major fields of commercial legal practice: Loans and securities, Conveyancing transactions, Listing and General commercial matters. Each topic contains 5 lessons designed in a conversation format. And there is a list of legal terminologies in English-Chinese form for easy reference.